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Gun Review
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out of 100
Fuck No :(

The graphics do hurt the game a bit. It's one of the few cross gen games that came out for the Xbox 360.


I played this game solely for the achievement points at the time.


I beat this game!


Red Dead Redemption came out years later, and now I have timewarped this games score to reflect this.


Cursing. Because it's cool. Does not make it cool.


Two Main locales, and then land. Even San Andreas on the PS2 had more depth.


Gun – A more mature way to revisit the Wild Wild West and supress your urge to play Cowboys and Indians.

With the advent of 3-D there became less and less wild west themed adventures than there were before when I was growing up. It seemed when games were 2-D that the wild west genre was emulated a dozen times over. Most arcades or pizza parlors had some run and gun shoot ’em up featuring the lonesome cowboy with a haunted past and when Gun came out I was hoping for the same lighthearted experience from memory. Most were filled with over the top humor or many cliche’s that I have grown to expect in my westerns. Gun for the Xbox 360 takes the genre and the standard in a darker direction which I am thankful for.

You play the role of Cotton White, a young man starting off his adventure learning the ropes from Ned who is your typical renegade “Davey Crockett” type tracker from old western stereotypes who lives off the land and hunts for his food. About 15 minutes into the game a steamboat you both are riding on gets raided by a group of bandits and eventually sets off a story having Cotten going from one side of world of Gun to the other trying to find out to the truth to this attack and leaving a horrible trail of blood behind him.

I do mean bloody by every sense of the word. This is a very graphic game in terms of the ideas that are present. Hangings, beheadings, and scalpings are just some of the features this game has to it’s name. They do not feel out of place but are definitely more suggestive than your average 70’s style western. There is also a lot of cursing (although some of these are considered mainstream these days) amongst the characters and random encounters you come across. So be expected to all kinds of violence when you play this game but also expect to enjoy the violence none-the-less. Other than the random curses here or there the voice acting is wonderful and really drives the story. Some of the violent acts helps speed things up too and give you a sense of justice and satisfaction.

Graphically, especially for an Xbox 360 title, is where this game does lack and is clearly a port of an xbox game with minor improvements. The only clear indications of improvements have to do with textures in the water and on some of the landscapes and that is about it. I haven’t really compared the two as there is no reason to play the xbox version if I have the 360 version but without the niceities of a wireless controller, custom soundtrack, and achievement points to unlock I probably wouldn’t have noticed the differences at all.

For a game I was only playing for it’s gamerpoints I was actually surprised with the adult and graphic nature of both the story and the game play. The story kept me entertained long enough to move from plot point to plot point while the action kept the game alive. Constantly throughout this game you are learning about your character, how to play, getting upgrades, and increasing stats with an extremely fitting and fast paced story. On top of these nicely done features the gameplay is overly simple with a lot of variety. Even though you are constantly using different weapons and moving onto different styles of play it all feels right and is easy for anyone to pick up.

The world of Gun starts off very linear but becomes openended like a Grand Theft Auto game. The land details, especially of the two main western locales, really aren’t THAT inventive or descriptive and no where near on par with what you will find in San Andreas or even lesser games like the Getaway and True Crime. In fact, there are a lot of areas that you feel they could have built a better world but for the quickness and pace for the game that is ok. There is enough to explore and enough sidequests and mini-games to keep you occupied to keep the game for getting old and I feel this was more of a design choice rather than anything else.

Side missions usually have you doing various things such as acting as a deputy and displacing random acts of crime here or there such as your classic bank robbery or a random hostage situation. Other and more entertaining side missions have you playing in Texas Hold-Em tournaments (where you can cheat which is a really cool feature), mining for gold, herding cows, or even going after people on wanted posters either dead or alive. Most of these missions will increase your bank role and/or increase some of your stats.

The game is not perfect however no matter how entertaining a game it may be. There are a lot of glitches and a lot of repetitive missions and or scenarios. Towards the end of the game you want to just finish as they throw in filler missions that seem to not fit between boss battles. My biggest annoyance for this game is how the gamerpoints works with the difficulties. You get points for beating the game on each level of difficulty – Normal, Easy, Hard, etc… but if you beat the game on Hard you do not get the points for normal or easy so playing through over on a lesser difficulty seems very redundant and only for completionists or anyone who starts off at a lower difficulty. Other than these minor downers the overall game is a solid experience for anyone looking to cowboy up on the 360.

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