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Dungeon Roll – A Solo Adventure #2 – Enchantress Scrolls a Nine

My second solo adventure in the world of Dungeon Roll was harder than my first.  I was never able to become a Stuff of legend on this run, but I could see the potential had I had some luckier roles.

This adventure I played as the Enchantress who’s special skill is that all Scrolls may be used as any Companion.  This skill stays the same when the hero upgrades after 5 experience points to the Beguiler.   The Enchantresses ultimate ability is to transform any 1 monster into 1 potion, which is boosted to any two monsters into 1 potion when she is upgraded.   Of the two abilities, the special skill is a bit more powerful once you start getting potions, which means that her ultimate has strong synergy with her power.  As with the Viking, if you can get some lucky rolls and get her upgraded in the first Delve you will be in a good position to score really high and possibly become a Hero of the Ages (35+ points).

The first delve was pretty straightforward, and also fairly unlucky.  A lot of single monster combinations came up and I was only able to get to level 3 with only 1 piece of treasure.

The second delve was a bit luckier, reaching level 5 and defeating 1 dragon.  I started to fully understand how strong potions and her special is, since you can pretty much set yourself up to take down dragons very easily by giving yourself scrolls.

The last delve was the most successful, reaching level 9 before being forced to make a choice to gamble or quit. Ultimate I quit since earlier,  I was able to escape the dragon with a ring of invisbility.  The downside to doing this was that all 9 dungeon dice were available for level 10, and I only had 3 heroes left with a few treasures.  I figured it would be bad to gamble and scored.


Final Results:  Beguiler the Village Hero – 22 Experience Points

Dungeon Dice Solo Adventure – Beguiler – 22 xp points – Village Hero
Dungeon Dice Solo Adventure – Beguiler – 22 xp points – Village Hero



  • Never Tell Me The Odds – Roll All Seven Dungeon Dice and Live to Tell The Tale.
  • Dragon Bait –  Roll 3 Dragon Faces at once

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