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Dungeon Roll – A Solo Adventure – Viking’s Journey to become a Champion


This was my first solo adventure playing the game Dungeon Dice by Tasty Minstrel Games.  My first hero that I randomly chose was the Viking.  My goal is to log a play of each champion that game with the Kickstarter Edition that I purchased.

The Viking’s special skill is that he starts with five champions instead of the usual 7 random party members.  The other two dice that would normally represent a part member is removed from the game. On the surface this skill feels like it should be powerful.  But in practice is actually really weak until you level your hero with 5 experience points.   Upon leveling up, however, it gets a lot more powerful.  The base skill is the exact same, but as an added bonus, all skeleton dice become potions.  With some lucky dice rolls, this helps out a LOT as it means that you can frequently resurrect your Champions back to 5 full dice.

The strategy seems pretty clear:  Get 5XP as soon as humanly possible.  This means attempting to gamble as much as you can in your first delve to hopefully become an Undead Viking.

In my solo run I was fairly unlucky with the dice rolls in the first two delves.  I frequently was stuck with multiple monsters, and with only 5 heroes, I was not given much room to make it past the third or fourth level in the delve. The second run I was also forced to kill a dragon, netting myself some treasure and experience.   At first I though that this was a weak hero until I ran on my third delve with the bonus in play.

The third delve went a lot differently.  With my new undead viking abilities, and a few treasures stocked up,  I was able to to reach level 10 of the dungeon.  A few times luck was in my favor as I was able to roll 4-5 potions to fully resurrect my party.

Final Solo Adventure Result:

Final Results:  Undead Viking Champion – 31 Experience Points

Dungeon Dice Solo Adventure - Undead Viking - 31 xp points - Champion
Dungeon Dice Solo Adventure – Undead Viking – 31 xp points – Champion




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