Tuesday 23rd January 2018,
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Meaningless Accomplishment #104 – Multiboxed Diablo 3 on Inferno

Tina and I played Diablo 3 through to Hell difficulty, but she soon got bored of the game after beating it twice.  Both of our copies sat on the shelf (well technically, sat digitally on our respected accounts) for months.   I had moved on.

Then came the Multiboxing itch for no apparent reason.

I had a goal in mind to Finish Diablo 3 on it’s highest difficulty – Inferno.  I had come close before the first patch that made this difficulty slightly easier but never was able to push through on my Demon Hunter for the loot glory.  Since this is something I didn’t accomplish on my first round and playthrough of the game, it seems liked a good goal to set for a multiboxing experience.  I am not quite sure why I decided to do this.  Probably because of the expansion announcement.  Maybe because of reddit.  Who knows?

Soon after realizing I wanted to do this, there was a sale on the game for $19.95.  So I bought up 2 more copies and started on my slightly mundane journey into Azeroth…err… Sanctuary.   It took a bit to get adjusted to Diablo’s crappy multiboxing controls but I was soon controlling 4 wizards and moving fast through the content of the game on it’s easier difficulties.

Slowly over months I would play for a few hours here or there… mostly between free-lance sessions or when we were watching a movie that I could half pay attention to.  Level 30, Level 40,… and then in the past week I dinged 60.  This was the trigger for me to play a little more seriously and push through to my goal of finally completing this game on it’s highest difficulty.  I did cheat a little bit… mostly used the Auction House to speed up the farming process.  However, since I stopped playing the game for so long, the Gold Inflation was a bit much and I was not able to buy much beyond a main DPS weapon and off-hands for my Wizards.

That said, 104 hours later and Paragon levels 5+6.  I did it!  While completely meaningless and probably even more stupid than most multibox related achievements… it still felt good to set out to do something goalwise and accomplish it.   Now only if I could put this same focus into real world things.  Like painting.  Or making money!

Finally beat Diablo 3 on Inferno – multibox style.


Link to the Wizards:

Wizard 1 | Wizard 2 | Wizard 3 | Wizard 4



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